1768. Luther and religious right now

luther  writes (hear the similiarity to today – get rid of the laws.)

Any and all of the practices of the Church are impeded, and entangled, and en-
dangered, on account of the pestilential, unlearned, and irreligious, man-made or-
dinances. There is no hope of a cure unless the whole of the laws made by men, no
matter what their standing, are repealed once for all. When we have recovered the
freedom of the Gospel, we should judge and rule in accordance with it in every

wolin comments.
In its broad outlines, Luther’s case implied more than a return to a primitivepurity in doctrine and ritual. Its main thrust was directed against ecclesiasticism and scholasticism; that is, against a church structure whose hierarchical principleand temporal entanglements had left a strongly political mark on the life of theChurch; and against a mode of thought that had become imbued with political overtones


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