1915. Population and economics

Provocation #112 Population As we look for positive plausible scenarios for the future we need to be imaginative, compassionate and realistic. Economics can play a crucial role in creating an economy that is supportive. But when the history of our time is written a key question will be: why didn't we deal with the obvious?... Continue Reading →

1900. Compassion

We need to have the mentality of protecting and developing what is ours,  not what is mine alone. I am thinking of Puerto Rico and Mexico and Korea.. and..Is some version version of a less religious christianity possible? These people are our people, not just today, but six weeks from now,, six hundred years from... Continue Reading →

1889. Houston and beyond

I have followed much of the reporting on Houston, Harvey and earlier, Katrina, Iraq, the California drought and rains.  Obviously we are slow to imagine the scope of these events. As citizens and as governments. Houston faces the problem of - how many people displaced? We have two middle class family friends who live in... Continue Reading →

1872. A larger progressive agenda

We need a society of a beautiful and respected environment with beautiful respecting and respected people. "respect". Re -spectare, take another look. A progressive future must start with the facts of a failed environment, a failed governance and failed normal security of a life. We must look simultaneously to be as successful as possible with... Continue Reading →


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