2377. Local plus tech

We humans need to humanize the world. Gardenworld Politics is a strategic guiding vision for integrated responses to issues of turbulence — climate crisis, inequality, and governance, to make for an attractive society. Remember that we are, at the core, primates seeking survival strategies. Politics is in the title because we must move beyond policy to action. 

Politics, comes from the Greek for town and means all the dynamics of power and status. Unlike mere policy, politics deals with the whole system. Getting to the future will  have lots of struggle as some will lose out and will not take it lightly. There are two powerful scenarios for the future. Big tech for global management and local living. We can expect lots of effort at both.  Gardenworld is a guide to transition toward renewing civilization with the best blend. We know circumstances will be difficult. Institutions and people’s character will be stressed. Gardenworld is necessary and attractive.

So much writing now is critical of the economy and government. These institutions are not delivering. Economy should be arranging mankind’s interaction with the world to produce a decent life for everyone and governments should be acting to cope with the major emerging problems of our time – but they are not. A void really. Instead of something to criticize,  economy and government need to be reinvented. We need to understand how we got here and why it is broken, and what we at best can do now.

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