1769.No progressive plan

Those who  are critical of Trump and want to resist seem to be  slow moving. I think the reason is that  they give the impression that they want to go back to a clinton victory but that is not where they want to go.  We are stuck with one reaction against Clinton and another agaisnt Trump.  Sanders does not have a systems view as a place to build a different king of government..

A successful progessive project would require  dealing with weakness of government, the coming climate crisis, the dominance of financial capitalism, and the emerging security threats around Oligarchs around the world, led by Russia. It would need to have an optimistic view of what can happen wth the quality of life. A high participation society with a tough tax code might work. High particpation in the development and deployment of tech through local initiatives and creativity.

Above all, we need imagination and concern for fellow humans. We are in it together.


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