1916. Future education

The social impact of technology is swamping the technology agenda. The result is a huge opening for those who can manage the interface between tech and society. This means an accurate overview of tech and a good understanding of history, society, law, social policy.

1890. Politics in an age of global warming

How to face the issues we are now confronting? What policies, what politics, what action?   People generally seem to think that the right idea will save the situation. But real history is always the playing out of forces, aided by ideas, in conflict where the outcome has gone to the stronger.  This implies that we... Continue Reading →

1889. Houston and beyond

I have followed much of the reporting on Houston, Harvey and earlier, Katrina, Iraq, the California drought and rains.  Obviously we are slow to imagine the scope of these events. As citizens and as governments. Houston faces the problem of - how many people displaced? We have two middle class family friends who live in... Continue Reading →

1874. issues. monopolies

noah Smith writes Bust Up America's Monopolies Before They Do More Harm Democrats should crusade against companies that stifle competition and gouge consumers. By Noah Smith


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