1890. Politics in an age of global warming

How to face the issues we are now confronting? What policies, what politics, what action?   People generally seem to think that the right idea will save the situation. But real history is always the playing out of forces, aided by ideas, in conflict where the outcome has gone to the stronger.  This implies that we... Continue Reading →

1889. Houston and beyond

I have followed much of the reporting on Houston, Harvey and earlier, Katrina, Iraq, the California drought and rains.  Obviously we are slow to imagine the scope of these events. As citizens and as governments. Houston faces the problem of - how many people displaced? We have two middle class family friends who live in... Continue Reading →

1790. From the past like the present

From wolin politics and vision Consider, too, the political implications of the Reformation as a broad movement of revolt directed against an established order, a revolt whose success depended upon radicalizing the masses into disaffection with existing authorities and institutions. The perfecting of the arts of popular leadership and the tendency to blur the line... Continue Reading →

1692. Quoting from socialecologies

too good to not post. From the site social ecologies.com https://socialecologies.wordpress.com/2016/06/13/creative-destruction-the-age-of-metamorphosis/ ''Humankind cannot bear very much reality.” ― T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets It’s not really reality that’s giving way in our age, but rather the symbolic worlds we built against the tide of change and becoming other; against metamorphosis and mutation. Children of the Sun... Continue Reading →

1688. Labor and transition

We think of the move from agriculture to industry as just walking down the street and getting new job. Started reading Fraser's the Age of Aquiesence. It goes like this: Excerpt Globalized capitalist agriculture also wiped out or imperiled peasant proprietors and other small producers in Sicily and southern Italy and all across the Balkans,... Continue Reading →


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