Now august 3, 2021

The future seems, if it works, to be a blend of exponentializing tech and vigorous local living. Living on the Russian River anticipating fire and earthquake. The earth is a dynamic critter!

On the larget scene, we lack a sufficient understanding the politics of post Trump and of why people do what they do. The people who voted for trump were losing out, some economically, some culturally, starting in the 60’s. But with roots in Eastern Civilization, the weird blend of the Middle East and the Greeks. We need more understanding and the reading of history. People hold on to their fragment of society for security. Reasonable but it makes akes it hard to change, say co2 use. We stress individuals and societies, but the real power is in the in between: the corporations and a few other institutions. Thier holding on to status quo keeps things from chnaging.

China and militarization looms. It is what our professional class can do, easier than fixing the world system.

But that is what we need: a one world balance sheet (Andrew Sheng) and management of the critical zone (Bruno Latour)

where politics was the defining issue for humans, we have lost touch, as citizens became consumers. So I am thinking more about the problem of governance. Since Aristotle, who thinks about this issue? So I am scurrying through past readings for perspective.

Muddy last winter river low. my painting from my house looking at the Russian River.

In between we have my book, Gardenworld Politics and the Renewal of Civilization.

Gardenworld Politics is a guide for integrated responses to climate turbulence, and related issues, currently COVID, the economy and inequality, to make for an attractive society. Politics is in the title because we must move beyond policy to action.

link to draft chapter 1

I did a podcast with Rob Johnson, President of The Institute for New Economic Thinking, on a broad range of topics.

transcript at