1880. Response to Kurt Anderson on our bad history

An article in the Atlantic by Kurt Anderson https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/09/how-america-lost-its-mind/534231/?utm_source=nextdraft&utm_medium=email adapted from Kurt Andersen’s book Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire—A 500-Year History, to be published in September by Random House. His website https://www.kurtandersen.com —————— He is a serious fellow and the topic and hence the article is drawing lots of attention. The article is a long history... Continue Reading →

1878. chomsky and trump/russia as diversion from…

I think we have to take seriously the view that the press focus on Russia is stimulated by a Bannin tactic of detracting from the mission of the cabinet appointees to take apart their agencies. Bannon create events even had to damage to the administration to cover for the fact of agency deconstruction.

1877, taste and class

Reading James Buchan's  Book on Edinburgh.  It is clear how much upper class taste became of the model for the development of the town and it's institutions. Adam Smith thought it was all foppery but that it {drove commerce and was a good thing.  As we try to get out from under the oppressive dimination... Continue Reading →

1876. the president like weather

The personality of the president penetrates into our lives like cigarette smoke filling up all the rooms of our home, his attitudes jungle animals overtaking the streets. There is no way to keep him at arm's length. Viscous. Metastacising. If you notice it is a presence traveling slowly but already here to strangle us.


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