1905. Need for renewal in economics.

Toward renewal Economics [thoughts]ought to be about the economy [what is] and economy is the way society deals with just about everything. But economics stays limited while the actual economy shifts toward corporate feudalism, monopoly, and corruption. The sociology of relations and structures, the anthropology of needs and institutions, and the philosophy of the fit... Continue Reading →

1902. Part of the History of economics

There were many texts written in the period 1400-1700 that used the word economy. It goes like this Aristotle - economics as eco household or estate,  noms, rules, or management. so household management. The Christian world starts with the idea of the wold as God's household and all the christians part of one family. hence... Continue Reading →

1901. The problem of narrow history.

Provocation #105 The problem of narrowing perspective in history The strategy of historians, especially of a field or a nation, is simple. They pick out in the past the major figure, or a few, that are obvious points of origin of the best qualities of the current state of affairs. Adam Smith played (or was... Continue Reading →

1900. Compassion

We need to have the mentality of protecting and developing what is ours,  not what is mine alone. I am thinking of Puerto Rico and Mexico and Korea.. and..Is some version version of a less religious christianity possible? These people are our people, not just today, but six weeks from now,, six hundred years from... Continue Reading →


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