2101. Bully politics

a small part of the Republican Party (supported by Russia?) bullies the rest of the Republican Part.

The Republican Party bullies the rest of Congress

The resulting controlled country bullies the world.

There is no cooperation, the world is reduced to Trumptian schoolyard bullydom.

Trump cannot speak of democracy, alliances, cooperation. Not in hi psyche.

The Democrats brought this on by becoming, not the party of the working class and progressive thinkers, but by becoming the party of the professionals, abandoning the workers, the farmers, the  progressive thinkers.

The result  is, no party represents the larger intereests.

Those  running for Democratic nomination seem to not sense the need for leadership of people, but only of limited ideas. While any one of them would be better as president than Trump, and the whole bunch would make a great cabinet, no one of them can say that on stage in the debates.


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