1737. Entrepreneurship

I am all for entrepreneurship. We need  it to get to a greener sustainable and attractive  world.

But we are frozen in the current matrix of corporations and expectations. These require customers for new services. But the reality is, most people do not have any money to spend.  And wealth concentration (do the arithmetic) is making this worse.

Going  greener and sustainable is blocked by the desire to keep the current money machine going (even though it is not doing well).   The hopes for replacing non-green with green opportunities are limited to investments that that will continue the up escalator for money payoff to investors. If not by direct investment then by government (taxpayer) guarantees that make investment not only risk free but risk prone with no cost to investors.

Going green and sustainable  can’t work under these conditions.

If we start with the problems: debt, warming, wealth concentration, weakness of government, increasing likelihood of war..  you know the rest… any approach which maintains capitalism as deep inequality will not work.

So we need to free entrepreneurship from the need to make money to a desire to cope with the whole system.


This will be very hard. As one exec said to me “would you rather we continue as we are for fifteen yeas, and then collapse, or try to change now and collapse now?


I think this is a fairly common belief, especially among people with serious power.


We need entrepreneurs but we need entrepreneurs who are seriously interested in the good of all of society, not just the already rich and their professional support.


Drucker also wrote The End of Economic Man, showing how the despair of the lower large portion of society leads to fascism. Why don’t we read that?

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