Suggestions for the book

If after some reading you have  suggestions, critiques, edits, additions.please add in the comments box. let me know if thee are problems doing this

Maybe we will have a conversation.

6 thoughts on “Suggestions for the book

  1. doug carmichael says:

    Re reading Gary Wills book Inventing America , for his section on ‘happiness’. The issue is can one be happy while other are not. I believe not, so the proposal, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness means we must have happiness for all.

    • Gregg Forte says:

      Hi Doug–You might write in, say, the Introduction something along the lines of “A writer of course has to let the text go sometime. In that regard, except as noted elsewhere in the book, the research I conducted was for the most part completed by [quarter or month or date], and the data I used were generally the latest available to me at the time of writing.”

      • doug carmichael says:

        Thanks Gregg. I think i want less formal aguage and also use the website for updates.But the whole field is moving so fast. Have you looked at Jason Moore’s Capitalism and the Web of Life? Compelling.

      • Gregg Forte says:

        Sorry. My editor’s hammer tends to make everything a nail. So now I realize I’m not sure what you mean by “how far do I integrate [things getting worse] into the book.” I guess your worry is that while you till the front yard of analysis, the devil’s been busy in the back yard, possibly leading to differences in kind and not just degree regarding what needs to be done (or maybe so severe as to leave you with “oops, never mind”). Since you mention the website for updates, that would seem to solve the problem of missing the newly arrived facts that may be critical to the analysis.

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