Reading 2019

September 2019

Leshem, Dotan  “What did the ancient greeks mean by oikonomia?:  Journal of economic Perpectives vol 30.  This history part of which is here, is very suggestive, if ony people read it.

Dartnell, Lewis knowledge, How to rebuild our world from Scratch.

Dartnell, Lewis  Origins: how the earth made us. Fuller, Buckminster Critical Path


Schmitt, Carl Nomos of the Earth, referenced from Brown

Meier Heinrich, Carl Schmitt and Leo Strauss_ The Hidden Dialogue -University Of Chicago Press (2006). From  Noms of the earth.

MacCarthy, Fionz William Morris, a biography library.

Morgan Gareth Images of Organizatiojmns, rereading after many years.  library.

Cooper, Melinda Life as Surplus rereading

Brown, Wendy In the Ruins of Neoliberalism  kindle starting

video  Very good. Important and clarifying.

Castells, Manuel Rupture: the crisis of liberal democracy. ibook. finished.
 very challenging, vey important.

Sternhell, Zeev The Anti-Enlightenment Tradtiion. continuing. Understaanding the struggle between rational and emotinal, objective and subjective, and the impact on culture is crucial to a new perspe3ctive for Gardenworld.

Moore, Jason  Capitalism in the web of life. ibook continuing.Poweful analysis.


Mumford, Technics and Civilization (continuing)

Sternhell, Zeev, Maisel, Dave. The anti-enlightenment tradition.
         Sets out that the modern is the conflict between a rationalist and anti-rationalist          enlightenment.

Moore, Jason  Capitalism in the web of life. ibook
       continuing. Most important book. Capitalism is an abstract pattern imposed on nature and humans for th e purpose of extraction.

Core team The Economy: economics for a changing world
       seriosu but too close to standard economics, growth, gdp, etc.

Mumford Lewis_Mumford]_Technics_and_Civilization
Abromwich  American-breakdown
Damasio Antonio_Damasio]_The_Strange_Order_of_Things
Jones Caroline_A._Jones]_The_Global_Work_of_Art__World?
Mansfield Harvey_C._Mansfield]_Statesmanship_and_Party_Government
Mansfield Harvey_C._Mansfield]_Tocqueville__A_Very_Shortijntroduction
Mansfield Niccolo_Machiavelli,_Harvey_Mansfield]_The_Prince
MumfordLewis Mumford – Mumford on Modern Art in the 1930s 
Pirani, simon Pirani – Burning Up_ A Global History of Fossil Fuel Consumption (2018, 
Robinson_Kim_Stanley]_New_York_2140(   novel
Smith Richard_J._Smith]_Fathoming_the_Cosmos_and_Order
Tsing Anna_Lowenhaupt_Tsing]_Friction__An_Ethnography
Unger, FINAL-TEXT-PROOFS_The-Knowledge-Economy-2
Walter Isaacson – Leonardo da Vinci (2017, Simon & Schuster)


Mirowski, Phillip More heat than light.

Iyer, Pico Autumn Light

Kennedy, Paul The Rise and fall of Great Empires

Mansfield, Harvey Statesmanship and party pdf

Mansfoeld, Harvey Machiavelli pdfBromwich The Intellectual Life of Edmund BurkepdfSmith, Rchard Fthoming the Cosmos pdf

Chen, ping Modern Chinese History ibook

Damasio, antonio The Strange Order of things.

Abramowich,  Americam Breakdown

Rajan, Raghuram The Third pilar

how to strengthen community, mostly assumes the world remains fairly constant.  climate change not as disruptive as i think. without aesthetics, not much appeal, but raises many important issues.

Pilling, David The growth Illusion ibook

just started

Isaaacson, Walter Leonardo Da vinci

Leonardo worked in a time when the division between tech and art had not yet been made. Same with a blending of feeling for experience and analytic rigor. A good model for Gardenworld

Odum Environment, Environment, Power and society

just starting

Darwin, Charles The expression of emotions in animals and men.

Largely unread by modern thinkiers. It is so experiential abbout the experience of animals. Very imortant for Gardenworld

Parenti, Christian Tropic of Chaos

The current – not future – devastation of climate change on the tropics and global south.  Important corrective to the Pinkeresque thinking that all is well.

Fromm, Erich To Have or to Be.

Important analysis of modes of being and a path into human natre for whom Gardenworld is designed. Surprisingly he book could be more psychological, me about the experience of the two modes.At the time it was written the social environment was more hostile to the feeing side of life.

Block, Fred Capitalism, the future of an illusion

just started 

Tzing, anna lowenhauprt An ethnography of global connection.

Edgy, just started.

Nair, Chandran Consumprionomics: asia’s role in reshaping capitalism and saving the planet.

The awkward title does not convey the common sense level headed approach in the book. Almost an Asian Version of Gardenworld.

Wells, David wallace.  Uninhabitable earth.

Very important book, starts imaging post collapse world.

Fromm Eric To Have or to be.

Great reading on human nature. I am re-reading much of my own past on this ssue fo the sectin in the book.

Unger, Roberto The Knowledge Economy

Style is difficult, but the arguments substantial and helpful. Stress on the KE as a leading edge of production, a method that develops people, but is helf narrolwy rather than dispeersed. This plus demorcary plus some philosophy on ceeating larger human being, si important and one of the very few full systems with details.

Moore, Jason Anthropocene and Capitalcene.(ed)


Rukeyser, Muriel The Life of Poetry

Very good on the place of poetry in a  vital society.

Mumford, Lewis Technics and Civilization.

He does a switch midway between positive to critical.

Moore, Jason W. Capitalism and the Web of Life. ibook.

Very strong on the way capitalism extracts free goods – labor, resources, and treats them as profit/

Hughes Lewis Mumford, Public Intellectual by Thomas and Agatha Hughes.

A series of essays. Goodbackground. I have ordered the Miller biography

Nair, Chndran Consumptionomics: Asia’s role in reshaping capitalism and saving the planet.

I have not yet more than skimmed. The title is chatty but the argument  important.


  • Gammmage, Bill The Biggest Estate, how aboriginals made Australia skill and aareness
  • Paskal, Cleo Global warring: how enviromental economic and politial crisses will redraw the world map.pdf
  • Rukeyser, Muriel The Life of Poetry
  • Castells, Manuel Aftermath (rereading)
  • Moore, Jason W. Anthropocene or Capitalocene?
  • Lent, Jeremy, The Patterning Instinct [from Monbiot reference]
  • Macintosh and Tainter The Way the Wind Blows, [Climate and history]
  • Mumford, Lewis Technics and Civilization.
  • Moore, Jason W. Capitalism and the Web of Life. ibook


  • Gaddis, John Lewis Grand Strategy.
  • Mumford, Lewis The Condition of Man
  • Pirani, Simon Burning up – a global history of fossil fuel consumption. pdf
  • Skidelsky , Edward Ernst Cassier, last philosopher of Culture
  • Giridharadas, Anand Winners take All [the inbalance in social structure]
  • Eisenstein, Charles  Climate, a New Story. [we should focus on ecological repair more than co2, which is too easily hidden behind]
  • Delbanco, Andrew, 1952– The real American dream: a meditation on hope
  • Joshua P. Howe The Curve: Science and the Politics of Global Warming
  • Cronon, william (ed) Uncommon Ground pdf
  • Barnes Peter Capitalism 3.0 (re reading) pdf
  • Macintyre, Alisdair Short History of Ethics pdf
  • Whyte, Kenneth Hoover ibook
  • Davies, William  Nervous States. Ibook
  • Curtius European literature and the Latin Middle Ages ibook
  • Sennett Together ibook
  • Murakami, kozo an anti-classicalpolitical economic analysis ibook
  • Gallagher, Catherine  body economic life  pdf [novelists and economists mix it up, 19th century]


  • Delbanco. Andrew The real American dream.  A  meditation on hope
  • Mumford, The myth of the Machine (reread since 1962) pdf
  • Gosh  The Great Derangement epub.
  • Robinson, I william Innto the Tempest: Essays on the New Global Capitalism kindle
  • Foucault the order of things
  • Sennett building and dwelling, ethics for the city (sahib)
  • Sennett Together.
  • Bloom on huck finn
  • Gallagher, Catherine  body
  • Wallace-wells. uninhabitable earth
  • Davies, Nervous states
  • Murukami an anti classical
  • Foster  being a beast
  • Zuboff Surveillance Capitalism
  • Alexander, Chris Struggle.
  • Brown, Wendy Politics out of History.
  • To read
  • Edmund burke
  • Walt anderson new enlightenment
  • Time periods gwp
  • Classical
  •  seaford
  • Christian
  • Leshsham
  • Agemben
  • Middle frudalism latin, literatute
  • Idustrial
  • Catherine gallagher
  • Toulmin Cosmopolis (multi re read)
  • Modern
  • Hickman


Brown, Wendy Politics out of History acrobat

Rousseau, Jan Jaques Emile oibook

Svante, Pbo Neandrathal man ibook

 Kaczynski, theodore search 

Charles taylor,  search

Gallagher, caterine,

Deacon,Terrence Incomplete Nature.  How mind emerged from nature (weak, bottom up from matter to consciousness.

Gurney light and color

Agamben the kingdom and the glory for a theological genealogy of economy and governing. From fota leshemWallace-Wells, David Unliveable earth

Murakani, yazuca. AnAniclassical Political Economy nalaysis.  A version of the next cenury. a version of the next century just foundit

Denemark from sheng

Moore, Jason Capitalism and the web of Life.

Rousseau Emile ethics

Nussbaum Humaniteies Not for Profit doug

Biello, David  The Unnatural World. Hickman?

Fumaroli, Marc The Republic of letters  :  impressive, don’t know, from gary

Armesto A foot in the River.river liquidtext doug

Crist, eileen animal doug

Eisenstein kindle doug

Armesto – civilizations, pdf doug

  • January 
  • Oppenheimer on eden and ibook 
  • Alva Noe  on art and strange tools art and human nature.
  • Ullman on programming. wow. ibook
  • Feyerabend Conquest of Abundance
  • Paul Shepard Nature and Madness. pdf
  • Kelley the human measure western legal
  • Wainwright and Malm Climate Leviathan 
  • Malm Fossil Capital
  • Posner, eric
  • David Reich who we are and how we got heere. epub