Plan for GardenWorld

Since most people want to live in a mix of nature and civilization, why don’t we use our wealth to go there? Not a plan but intent. To humanize and green every aspect of our lives.

Society is facing a crisis. People will need to be included, and redeployed away from consumption and pollution to relationships, art and intense practicality. In the transition people will have a hard time. The goal however can give hope and roles. I see the following emerging major sectors of useful employment.

  1. Green everything, landscape remediation, aesthetics, climate remediation, and food.
  2. Health and the care of all those hurt by the very messy process of  transitioning, since people will have to give up places of living for the new opportunities. Jobs will change and places to live will be repurposed. This is a combination of health, medicine and fitness. Distribution of income, distribution of food and temporary to permanent re-housing.
  3. Management of 1 and 2 will be huge.
  4. The unfortunately needed security as people are hurting and in flux.
  5. The art and education
  6. Making needed things.

There will be more, but these are the main sectors. On Infrasturcture:

1755. Infrastructure project: roads or extended culture centers