Drafts of GardenWorld Politics

For use by colleagues. Feel free to quote but give credit.


Gardenworld is a  book in process. Key idea:  as we cope with climate change and the handful of other major problems, it would be good if we had an image of where we are trying to go. I propose a blend of nature and civilization, calling it Gardenworld. So far the architecture of the book feels right as does  the design of most of the chapters, but the appealing touches and clean up will make a difference.  So far I have worked on being clear to myself, next is being clear for others.

Most current draft here,  still rough, click to download.  New drafts will be posted here almost daily.

GWP july 15 2019    changes to chapter 1.

GWP july 14 2019 changes in the sections called “modern”, still being worked.

GWP july 4     small changes, droped the “short” from the title.

GWP SHORT june 28       Scattered changes, esp the management section. Chpter 7

GWP SHORT june 27        Minor changes in Chapter 7.

GWP SHORT june 22    This version is shorter and somewhat reorganized. Better table of contents, some switching around.