1916. Future education

The social impact of technology is swamping the technology agenda. The result is a huge opening for those who can manage the interface between tech and society. This means an accurate overview of tech and a good understanding of history, society, law, social policy.

1915. Population and economics

Provocation #112 Population As we look for positive plausible scenarios for the future we need to be imaginative, compassionate and realistic. Economics can play a crucial role in creating an economy that is supportive. But when the history of our time is written a key question will be: why didn't we deal with the obvious?... Continue Reading →

1914. Clarity of purpose and means

Lets do better with ourselves, our society and our planet.We need clarity of purpose and clarity of means. The purpose has to be growing good and interesting people, and that means developing our environment and society to support that goal. Gross National Product and other measures of growing the economy in terms of dollars is... Continue Reading →

1913. Brain and mind

To deal with GardenWorld, human biology, anthropology, literature, history... all relevant.   The brain is not a good substitute for mind. The activity in the brain has loops through senses and musculature to the outside reality. The specification of what is in the brain thus requires reference to the external world. (See especially Piaget)

1912. Economics as a natural system.

these days we tend to assume that treating the economy as though it’s a solar system is motivated by the conservative perspective that the economy should not be messed with by government because it will spoil a natural system. But it is important to remember that the natural law movement in the 17th and 18th... Continue Reading →

1911. empire and leadership

could talk a lot about Spengler, but details help and i will seed them here. from Wikipedia on Xenophon, contemporary of Aristotle. The strength of Cyrus in holding the empire together is praiseworthy according to Xenophon. However, the empire began to decline upon the death of Cyrus. By this example Xenophon sought to show that... Continue Reading →

1910. Broad perspective.

I think it is helpful to start out with a very broad sense of history. So a quick view of history.. Life is sex and food, food to support the sex. Most of the stuff we have is to attract and keep sex partners: house, car, clothes, books, travel are to impress sexual partners. Home... Continue Reading →

1908. Book note: Germano Maifreda From Oikonomia to Political Economy: Constructing Economic Knowledge from the Renaissance to the Scientific Revolution

Wonderfully detailed history by Germano Maifreda of the moves from the renaissance  to Adam Smith. There is lots that happens before the renaissance but this is very helpful and shows much about lost initiatives that may now be relevant. From Oikonomia to Political Economy: Constructing Economic Knowledge from the Renaissance to the Scientific Revolution


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