2367. The evolution of property

Property was not given.  it starts as proper, what Is proper to a man to show his rank in society. The evolution to salable property was a long process. The following is from a history of part of that evolution. the Great Demarkation’The French Revolution and the   Invention of Modern Property By RAFE  BLAUFARB

T he French Revolution remade the system of property- holding that had existed in France before 1789. This book engages with the French revolutionary transformation  of  property  not  from  an  economic  or  social  perspective,  but  from the perspective of laws and institutions. This transformation destroyed the conceptual basis of the Old Regime, laid the foundation of France’s new constitutional order, and crystallized modern ways of thinking about polities and societies. This revolution in property brought about a Great Demarcation:  a radical distinction between the political and the social, state and society, sovereignty and ownership, the public and private. How the revolutionary transformation of Old Regime property produced such profound change is the subject of this book. T he revolutionary remaking of property had such important consequences because there was no clear distinction in Old Regime France between the regime of property and the constitutional order. Before 1789, French notions of property differed in two crucial ways from what is now understood by the term “property.” The first was that public administrative, judicial, and sovereign powers could be owned as hereditable, vendible possessions. The second was that real estate, such as land and buildings, was rarely owned independently and completely by a single person. Instead, any given piece of real estate had multiple, partial owners who stood in legally enforced relations of superiority and dependence toward one another.

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