2364. the logic of change can be broken

Cool logic where there is the possibility is strategic.

example: we need to cut fossil fuel use to
cut co2 emissions
to prevent going of 1.5 degrees or worse. or, another example

.Cutting co2 use means curtailing its use in homes, business, transportation.
The result ill mean disrupted lives that will be at serious risk
unless simultaneously with the cuts
welfare is in place to prevent tragic loss of life.
That means such a welfare system must be started before such severe cuts start.

Timing is everything.

Logiccan be broken when there are new conditions. So in the case of these two logical structures, does anyone have a specific implementable plan to dbreak part these logics.

Syong something like “Les electrify everything” or “Get congress to chnage its mind set” are not actionable in their current form, so the logiccs still hold.

More work to do.

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