2362. imagined futures needed

We live on a planet that went from molten to algae to photosynthesis to mammals and to us. That is a well known short version of the story we tell.  All spices move through time with eating and co-pulating.  All human history is abut the time between the beginning until arriving at the point where we begin to fail because we have exhausted our resources. Actually, they are not yet exhausted but people are  hoarding what they have and distribution is not to everyone but to the few who have money, and money has become the key flow of society. If you have it you can participate. We all need water wings to keep afloat in this human created world of money, which is just notches on a stick for our cows.  That stick idea joined with other ideas, susch as arithmetic and  our capacity for abstraction so we can trade or sell the stick. But we don’t have the waterwings and too many are drowning in poverty, and swallowed by new deserts and new floods and storms. Access to nature, where we could go in times of trouble and which used to be fairly free, has been narrowed by owners to the exclusion of almost everyone. Owners can’t even go on someone elses property. Where do we go to sleep, to plant food? 

The idea that we should have been managing  the earth is obvious and that the rising carves of consumptions and population would at some point reach their limit.  Not for a while we used to think, if we thought.  Malthus  and the Club of Rome and the  Ehrlich’s  were mostly right as to dynamics but missed on timing – but  were essentially insightful. And here we are. Can we manage our prelateship to nature? Is it too Late,  brutal to cut back to sustainable levels of use. Is the course we are on no longer capable of feeding itself?

That’s the picture. Our task is to imagine other ones that would stimulate  another round imagined futures until something feels right – in the circumstances then enveloping us – and we act.

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