2360. Can economics help transition?

I came across a very well reasoned article on the negative effects of de-growth. But the article ended with the following series of suggestions that allow for de-growth while maintaining the viability of society. My question is,  can economics  help in a transition to such a world.

From Ecological Economics 142 (2017) 306–317. Kish and Quilley

Most significantly, one area of change that really does open up new possibilities is the revolution in social and economic coordination engendered by the Internet and new micro-fabrication technologies such as computer aided design and 3D printing. The emerging ‘reMaker society’ (Anderson, 2012; Hatch, 2013; Carson, 2010; Kostakis and Papachristou, 2014) may prove to be revolutionary because it has the potential to reduce the unit metabolic cost (or ‘transformity’ value) of complexity. Essentially by facilitating the local, on-demand production of relatively high tech. products, new production technology may allow swathes of redundant and expensive complexity associated withtime, it is conceivable that ‘small and beautiful’ could be reconciledwith technical innovation, high tech manufacture and not least a nonstate,non-corporate system of networked communities, collaboratingand trading (albeit at much lower volumes). This is the vision of distributed economy advanced by social entrepreneurs such as Marcin at Open Source Ecology (Thomson and Jakubowski, 2012). Providing the most compelling starting point for a genuinely alternative modernity in an era of degrowth, these new technologies of participative community-based manufacture deserve to be the central focus in debates as to the nature of the elusive ecological economy.

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