2359. Capitalism the obvious.

Why is capitalism so mystified? It is merely a way of accounting  that legitimates “ownership” of society’s assets.  A cleve trick, noticing that the fingers map on to the sheep, and notches in a stick, an d those with the assets participate, based on the amount accounted to them of the total accounted assets.  –  and make the  key decisions for society. Democracy has been pushed to the side.

Society needs to evolve because of too much extraction of wealth from people and nature has created a network of  destructive dynamics . But any movement of adaptation will undermine the assets as currently distributed.

The rich don’t want to accept that so they are resisting, and society is immobilized just as it is getting clear that letting capital make the decisions will be self serving for that part of society that own the capital,  at the point that, for survival (we can’t live with 3 degrees and probably not with 2. ) we must evolve.

Capitalism is a simple and obvious target for rethinking so why don’t we?

One alternative view is the capitalism puts the decision making power in the hands of those who know how to use it. But will they?

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