2354. Rethink some language

Three  pieces of language to rethink.

  1. ‘People have been left behind.”

People were not left behind as if no action was involved and it just happened. People  were pushed behind or denied access or  the upward rungs were placed out of reach.

  1. ‘Inclusion”

Inclusion is currently used to describe, more, advocate,  moving from the dark skinned world to the light skinned world. But there is no social movement among whites to move to the black. One way illusion.  This is deep racism because its effect – and aim – is to eliminate black culture. This is tragic and evil. It implies a value, it implies what is better. Inner city kids are bilingual and grow up in families rich in emotion and often with exemplary caring and solidarity. Same can be said, more mildly, for Jewish families.  These  home culture of care and culture is a serious resource for the future of humanity – though  how we can get  these two cultures and their emotional development into a secular society is very unclear.

3. “black and white”.

The very language, “black and white”,  is too extreme. It is obviously incorrect, so what work is it doing? The variety of skin colors in any meeting are awesome and beautiful. My tannish pink, your bronze blue. We lose so much by collapsing these into the   anti-color language of black and white.  Po

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