2349. How to start a more strategic conversation.

4 questions.

Where are we (the historical present)?

How did we get here?

What can happen?

what then should we do?

Examples of each:

Where are we. Large population, complex civilization, shift from business to financialization, dominance of money over relationships.  See Joseph Tainter’s Collapse of Complex Societies

How did we get here? We are  in a long period that is the incomplete  French Revolution and an aborted romantic reaction to industrialization.  The Treaty of Westphalia which set up the nation state as a way of preventing wars but sowed the conditions for new wars.  Rome sanctioned the  god emperor . Christianity took that god into the beyond and that god sanctioned a moral society, but science eviscerated that god and we have a society of morally inclined individuals without a rationale for why be moral.

What can happen? Merger of big data, algorithms, Google and government

What should we do?  Start conversations.

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