2345. Change and stasis as politics

Changes in  the environment – temperature, humidity, and predators or prey –  gve rise to opportunities.  Humans adopting clothes gave new opportunity for head lice who took he opportunity to thrive there and along with that adaptation gave up the ability to live outside of clothes. For more than a couple of hours  These forces of choice and evolution  act on humans, but we came along and tried to project existing variations or move aggressive to new ones. Already conservative and progressive vectors.The basis for this initiative  by r humans is what we call culture. So human beings live in the space between the existing varieties and new possibilities.

The result is we are always thinking of leaving the our fellow humans behind and becoming a new species, what Eric Ericson called pseudo-speciation as s in highshool football teams or wars between nations.

This can be seen in many ways. One simple one is that we are drawn to two ethical systems: innovation and equality. The tension is real and there is no solution, We just have to live the dilemma.

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