2340. Economy vs economics.

Provocation:  economy vs economics

My French and Spanish are pretty good but not good enough to understand the nuances. In English there are two words, economy and economics. They are not interchangeable.  Not so in French where one word economia is used for both.

In English economy is the thing and economics is the study of it.

But the economy is a bloody mess, with wars, slavery,  and conquests, such as the opium wars, the US civil war, the oil and coal wars, the denial of oil to Japan leading to WW2, and so on. Empire was driven by economy issues   But economics  is bloodless . Each phase  in  the history of economics is rather calm, marginalists, mercantilist, Adam Smith, even recessions are bland compared to the conflict driven history of economies. But economics is supposed to be the understanding of economies. So why the big difference?

Climate change  seems important for economies but economics goes blandly along as if not much is happening. 

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