2339. Starting points for governance.

I start with s sense of the depth and maybe impossibility of dealing with Climate Change and its associated problems: migration, oceans, .. Hence urgency to ty to prevent but then to live with … Population is the elephant in the room.

I also have been involved with rethinking economics and have come to some obvious thoughts about capitalism and democracy. Capital is tokens of past productivity owned by some and not all, a  system parallel to democracy for making decisions – but the economic system has always favored those who already have wealth and power. Society probably need elites  and the question is how are they chosen, educated, and rewarded.  

I used to disparage the idea of economics (a Western only word) but then learned that for the Greeks it mean eco home nomos monument, usually translated as estate monument (the Greeks were big on beef so the estates were cattle ranches.) 

I take this now to suggest  the estate is now for the earth and its management the task. I like the idea from Bruno Latour of “critical zone” as the object of management, the thin skin of the earth that contains all know life, thinner than that of an apple. 

A question for me is what is the nesting implied in the relationship of politics to governance to monument (administration) in the context of complexity theory? I am also influenced by Joseph Tainter’s The Collapse of Complex Societies.

The nomos in economy , the word,  meant,  pre Plato, equal distribution. The idea is that you do not need a law unless there is something to be pushed against.  In this case the tendency to unequal distribution.

The following:   society history cosmos,  earth, trndndence  are held by all people from Stone age to now, as  consubstantial.  Our great festivals  in the West:  Christmas , New Years, Easter celebrate the continuity of the cosmos across long swaths of time. People feel this. Birthdays help children feel part of a cycle with others.

Attunement to that consubstantiality emerges as a goal of cultural education. Attunement to a part is anti social and submaxims individual wealth. Ye t individuals are also important. No great societies without strong individuals, no strong individuals without great societies.

I have a sense that future organization will lead to  efforts, mostly local to blend food production and habitat in the same location. Th place of tokology in that and governance will be very important, but as of now tech production held by corporations is holding up new and necessary applications (Carlota Perez).

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