2034. Competition vs compassion.

We have been oriented towards competition more than compassion and cooperation; we have made a world difficult for children, parents, elders, poor, and animals. Children can no longer just ‘go out and play and come home for dinner as it gets dark.’ Our world now fits fast careers and traffic. We have built society around the part of the life cycle that has income and freedom to spend on marketable technology while forgetting relationships. We remain divided in our aspirations between wanting a life of security, continuity, and rewarding work, versus seeking ownership that maintains control and guarantees dividends for the rich. 


The gaming of the stock market means that markets are now playable as a game where the prize, instead of a slow increase in share value through increased productivity (somewhat idealistic assumption), is rapid and unpredictable, and where the prize is to those who most manipulate -game – the market.

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