2030. From economics to global management.

Economics, economia, in ancient Greece from where the word comes, meant estate management. Classical Greece and the old mediterranean empire were organized as a loose federation of cattle ranches (see James Mcinerney, The Cattle of the Sun)This provides a perspective on what we must do — treat the earth as the home and the management takes on  the whole earth. Think about it: to adequately merge human lives with the sustaining earth under the new conditions of a warming planet.. We can do this. With multiple crises at the same time, we want to make sure we are seeing the way things fit together. A good society should provide security and meaningful livability for each person. But we can’t do it unless we are clearer about what the problems are. The problems taken together are more complicated than proposed solutions which usually struggle with one problem at a time. Because we lack an integrated approach with a clear goal of a better society people remain confused, sullen and passive. We are at that edge where denial turns into giving up without an intermediate stage of trying our best to make sense of the whole. Social unrest and the collapse of governance worldwide are spreading fast and we need a view of where we could go, a goal that is plausible even in the face of the anarchy of events. Gardenworld is that view and is meant to be robust across scenarios.

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