2211. Post election thoughts

There ae many but here are a few.

  1. Perhaps Biden as President but with a Republican Senate is good in this way: it slows him down giving time and his therapeutic style to soften the country and allows a larger majority to move to new economy and new ecology. Two years till bi-election. If he acts too swiftly it will exacerbate the polarization.

2, The Democrats failed to come up with a mea clue about the economy that was turned away from working class democrats by Clinton who was a reaction to Reagan. The D party became the party of the mainstream banking and globalization agenda for which much of the 1% worked. The bulk of the country came into this election with nobody representing them. Biden will have a lot of explaining to people about what he is trying to do. I am hopeful that he will be able.

3. Climate disruption is the overriding concern. The idea that there is a path that is both green (adequate cutting of fossil fuel use) and creating more jobs than e lose may be an illusion, When cutting takes priority then there has to be curtailing of the fossil fuel economy and with it we cut jobs. There are some paths out of this but they require a degree of globalized centralization that is hard to image anyone with power proposing.

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