2206. Cut fossil fuel, or substitute?

Fossil fuels must be cut. CUT. Now. I truly think that the problem is that nobody has an idea as to how to begin the process. Thee are lots of initiatives but none that require cutting, all are replacement. Or don’t scale. Is there a quantitative analysis of the possibility of scaling solar panels to the requisite level to stay under 1.5? I don’t think so. Keep the plane flying while changing the engine.  But cutting?  Any cut in  fossil fuel use will be disruptive,  with cascading affects. I would like to see a narrative on how the process would start. I don’t mean the innovative phase of creating new technologies and policies, but the phase of implementation of actual steps, oh, like stopping airplane travel,  or cutting off fuel for heating schools. The orders are not drafted and there is no one who could issue them, much less enforce them. Any serious talk of the future of work probably has to start here.

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