2205. Governance and climate

So many heartfelt and thoughtful people are approaching the near future with worked out policy, saying “what government should do”. But governments we have it seems too subject to fragmenting interest blocks to be able to respond.

Governance takes us to a more macro level and the answers have been tribal chief, community consensus, monarch, plutocracy, kleptocracy, parliaments, representative democracy, pure democracy, and anarchy. But we are not having much of a discussion at the level of what form of government we need to be able to actually do something at a deficiently global and actionable way? I think the the form has to follow from the goal. And the goal is coping with transnational border issues that effect everyone: Covid, climate, education, inequality – and governance.

We need to struggle with what kind of authority is needed while becoming more democratic, especially at the local level. I am concerned that change at the governance level has only happened through war.

If we had such a systemic idea of a new form of governance, could it be implemented? Those with interests seem willing to bet on some solution emerging that allows them to keep the asset and power position they already have. Thus nothing can move. Hence revolution – rarely sustainable outcomes – or war.

If we need an elite to run a systemic future, how are they to be educated (is it too late), chosen and rewarded?

To repeat, it seems we do not hav a form of government that can respond to the systemic issues. So what do we do?

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