2194. The current situation.

We are at that edge where denial turns into giving up without an intermediate stage of trying our best to make sense and to make progress. Social unrest and the collapse of governance worldwide are spreading fast and we need a view of where we could go, a goal that is plausible even in the face of the anarchy of events. We are now, hopefully, approaching the down ramp from COVID but certainly we are already on the up ramp for climate change. Leadership is absent. We have no strategy for COVID and no strategy for climate change. Policy proposals, yes, but not courses of action. Policies aren’t proposing what governments should do.  

The mess we are in is shown by this graph. The key new fact is that 1.5 degrees is already catastrophic in a number of places on the earth. The graph suggests that as of now, all is doomed. However, just as now some places are already unlivable. Some places, now and out to the limit of the graph in 2100 will remain liveable. For those places, renewing civilization depends on Gardenworld as the guide for the immediate future.

Past and future carbon emissions

From Greenhouse-gas-emission-scenarios-01-1536×1059.png

People are not liking what they see. How do we direct our efforts without a vision? A coherent vision must go beyond  the  “re” words of re-construction, re-novation, re-storation, all of which are conserving views,  like “sustainability”, and not sufficient to get us through and onward. The earth obviously cannot take on an affluent life of consumption for all. More fundamental changes are necessary.

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