2192. Conflict in economics.

We are so nice to each other economics. That’s good, but how can we handle more conflict so we can explore critical differences? Economic ideas are mostly silently embedded in political perspectives such as 

“More for me less for you” vs 

“More for us less for you.” 

Economic vocabulary appears to be sanitized. Macro vs micro means no need to discuss social class. But this clearly supports an elite that doesn’t want class issues to intrude into economic discussion. 


Looking at the Chinese/Lapanese origin of jing li, Mandarin for economy. 

Wasei kango](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wasei-kango) (和製漢語), orthographically borrowed from Japanese 経けい済ざい (__keizai__, “economy”), which was in turn a semantic readaptation of Chinese 經濟经济 (jīngjì, “to administer the state to relieve the suffering of the people”).

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