2189. Gardenworld

From the intro to the book in draft

The multiple interacting crises have woken up most people to the need for serious change.  Lets pick up the task not yet finished of making a better society, guided by our highest ideals of fairness, democracy and personal responsibility. Circumstances are difficult and the  failure of leaders  to respond has made the need for change clearer. The book goes beyond criticism of the current complex situation  to  what I am calling Gardenworld, a meaningful goal that could  guide our efforts at short term actions toward longer term possibilities. The key idea of Gardenworld is to put food and habitat in the same pace, done with an aesthetic and humanistic awareness. “Politics” is in the title because politics will be necessary to get us to Gardenworld, or any other potentially positive goal. Reaction to industrialization, the romantic movement and Arts and Crafts, was swamped by the attractiveness of Industrialization. But that period is past. Something like a romantic-humanist-more aesthetic future is now possible. Gardenworld is not a plan but an intent to be worked out at all levels guided by the image of Gardenworld as a goal.  Criticism without a goal leads  to conflicting and half hearted efforts.

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