2186. Ulrich Beck

I like this, first paragraphs of his book, Metamorphosis

The world is unhinged. As many people see it, this is true in both senses of the word: the world is out of joint and it has gone mad. We are wandering aimlessly and confused, arguing for this and against that. But a statement on which most people can agree, beyond all antagonisms and across all continents, is: ‘I don’t understand the world any more’. The aim of this book is to try to understand and explain why we no longer understand the world. To this end, I introduce the distinction between change and metamorphosis or, more precisely, between change in society and metamorphosis of the world.

People I know (and hopefully that includes myself) are disoriented. As markers in time and space disappear or are no long accessible,  I am reminded of Marx in a different context. “all that is solid melts into air.” Never again to Europe,  no more travel to Asia, no flights to see my grandchildren, that restaurant a few miles away closed – permanently? Traffic thin, sky blue, thoughts racing..

On Metamorphosis I g highly recommend Ovid’s. translated by Ted Hughes. Huge impact on Shakespeare. and ready impact us.


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