2181. Symptoms july 23

From calculated risk.More people are not paying rent (US)


note i someone files a new claim this week they will not be counted as new the nexxt week. Summing across the whole curve is crucial. Each person unemployed (and self employed are not counted) cease to be a consumer as much as they were, further impacting  the whole.


this is interesting

From MAHB https://mahb.stanford.edu/blog/combined-political-action-economic-innovation-and-technological-advancement-for-greenhouse-gas-emission-reduction-and-sustainability/

very good summary of science and politics.

US greenhouse gas emissions peaked in 2007 at 7416.45 million metric tons (Mt) of CO2 equivalents (CO2e) and then dropped sharply by about 8.9% in two years in the early stages of a recession to 6753.91 Mt CO2e in 2009. Emissions then trended downward by about 3.1% relative to 2009 in 10 years to 6543.12 Mt CO2e in 2019 (1, 2). This was down by another 2.8% compared to 2007.

The overall decrease of 11.7% from 2007 to the end of 2019 was realized despite several years with high GDP after c. 2011 because electricity generation by coal drifted down by about 50% from 2007, while generation from natural gas and renewables increased (2, 3).

US greenhouse gas emissions for 2020 may decrease 11% from their 2019 level mainly due to the recession, reaching 5823.38 Mt CO2e in 2020 (4). This is down by another 9.7% of the 2007 level, bringing the decrease since 2007 to about 21.4%.

To aim for at least an estimated 50% probability that global warming will not exceed 1.5°C , or return to 1.5°C by 2100 after a low overshoot, global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions should be decreased to 25 – 30 billion tons CO2e/yr in 2030 and then towards near net-zero by around 2050 (5). The target for 2030 is between 27% to 39% lower than the global emissions in 2007 (6).



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