2175. The opportunity for a new Romanticism and the Arts and Crafts movement 1880-1910.

Gardenworld faces new possibilities. We start with the fact that there is no shared strategy for dealing with COVID-19 and many are coming to the conclusion that it will be with us for much longer, longer than a generation. At the same time discussion about climate has fallen way off. We have the following curve of emissions and their impact on global temperatures

Past and future carbon emissions

My view is that even 1.5 degrees is disastrous because of its uneven distribution onthe earth, maening thta the impact will be larger in some places. In fact, some agriculture has already been curtained or even devastated as of July 2020. It is clear and unfortunate that we have no shared strategy for dealing with Climate especially how to start now to cut CO2 use.

Looking at the larger context a few steps out , the first major reaction against mechanization and the deadening of the human was Romanticism and that led to the Arts and Crafts movement. These, and WW1 failed to stop, nor eve slow, the tsunami of industrialization. Basically enough people were rewarded or imagined a better life through mass produced products and mass producing jobs that the wave continued. But the success of  industrialization/consumerism/mass media has seriously slowed under the impact of the 2009 financial crises, and the new major blows to easy continuity, COVID and climate, are worse than just putting on the breaks. WE must add to this terrible picture the failure of governance, especially in the US but also in Russia, Brazil, the middle east, to develop a centralized empowered capacity to give meaningful guidance.

But this means that the conditions for helping each other and rethinking the romantic world view and the place of arts and crafts now faces a world that needs such an approach and is not mesmerized by stuff and money consciousness. It is a long term but promising project. May you do better than we did. Much better.

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