2172. Policy without politics?

Most people think that policy is the way to cope with climate, and for many that policy means creating jobs.


  1.  This leaves out politics, th mobilization of force through voting,  reulations and initiatives, as if good ideas along will change our approach.
  2. it relies on creating jobs when it is not clar how to create jobs that themslves do not use nore energy.

From CSIS eewport.

the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis to lead the way. Now, after a year and a half of work, the committee released a comprehensive report Tuesday aiming to chart the U.S. course toward solving this existential problem.
The plan focuses on fusing climate solutions with economic growth and job creation, laying out 12 key pillars like investing in infrastructure, developing renewable energy, building resilience to climate impacts, and prioritizing environmental justice.
The chair of the committee, Representative Kathy Castor of Florida, told CBS News, “Climate solutions are economic solutions. Solving the climate crisis means putting Americans back to work in clean energy jobs that will grow our economy.”


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