2156. Crisis and desire

Most people sense the need for moving toward a simpler world but many, reading between the lines, don’t want to go there and are resisting thinking about it.

We also have the problem that the world of elites are so i control – with surveillance and potential control of the police,

“it is as though a significant segment of the ruling classes (known today rather too loosely as “the elites”) had concluded that the earth no longer had room enough for them and for everyone else. Consequently, they decided that it was pointless to act as though history were going to continue to move toward a common horizon, toward a world in which all humans could prosper equally. From the 1980s on, the ruling classes stopped purporting to lead and began instead to shelter themselves from the world.”

Excerpt From: Bruno Latour. “Politics in the New Climatic Regime.” iBooks.

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