2130. note to the reader

The book makes suggestions on how to act  when collapse and rebuilding are happening at the same time, often hidden by chaos. But more, this series of crises is also an invitation to new ways of being and acting. As the Dalai Lama says, compassionate action makes you feel good. Gardenworld is a post crisis goal, but one we can begin to inplement now. The idea is to blend the way we meet the needs for food and habitat in the context of a craft mentality ftht taken together multiplying out to a new culture –  familiar, but with a new emphasis, blending civilization and nature. Gardenworld is more of an intent than a plan. Plans are rigid and tend to break. Gardenworld is not encyclopedic but suggestive. Everything is changing rapidly. There are challenges at the local and at the global level, and all in between, and for all these layers climate change is a leadership problem to which you are a participant. It also is a challenge for ideas. How can we face climate issues and keep people engaged making the suff that supports food and habitat? A major leverage point is to explore the implications of Aristotle’s “We can have growth without development (water into wine) and development without growth.”  Here might be the possibility of growth without extraction, without burning, without damage to people. But this will be hard even given the opening.. Can we rearrange what we have without destructive exploitation of earth and society?


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