2129. post work society

Hunter gatherers worked as a group for all.
Then ierarchy emerged
and took an ever larger part for itslef.
A herarchy is a ponzi scheme
and if they add a new layer,
the  salaries of that layer
are paid by stripping more wealth from the bottom.

The promise of technology is more production and less work, using tech to do the routine. but that aim was perverted by the hierarchy crowd taking that surplus for itself and pushing  the remaining work, poorly compensated, into  the communities  of the poor. Is there a path now to an inclusive and well distributed society?

And can cronavirus, which is showing the world how badly organized and unfair our current arrangements are, in combination with Gardenworld, the view that we need to organize craft around food and habitat, bring us back to that original  sense that society should be managed for all? Food for example was distributed by group decision, not by markets.

The word economy contains eco – reek for household, or,  in those times, estate, and nomos meaning method or management. This word  came originally from even earlier greek nomia, meaning equal distribution. Nobody would think up a law if there wasn’t a need for, something going wrong, so we can assume that the idea of equal distribution became conscious in the context of an emerging unequal distribution.

Lots to do.







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