2120. More comprehensive narrative

“What is perhaps most challenging is that this ecological devastation is occurring half a century or more after the birth of the modern environmental movement. It seems that environmental activism to date has won occasional battles but is decidedly losing the war. ”

Excerpt From: Rupert Read. “This Civilisation Is Finished: Conversations on the End of Empire – and What Lies Beyond.” Apple Books.

Because meta story is too weak. We need a much more comprehensive story. These are up for rethinking (and not yet systemmic and comprehensive enough).
• Nation state
• World govrnance
• Dominance of capital as a decision maker rather than democracy in partnership with expertise
• Meaning of private
• Meaning of property
• Care for the weakest
• Stop strip mining food and oceans
• Care for animals
• Care for children
• Care for wild spaces.
• Enjoy relationships more and material less.
• Take pleasure in being helpful

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