2078. logic of climate and response.

The NY scene at the UN is (Monday)a cauldren. 

So far as I am aware, there is no plausible scenario of action which get us to from the current moment through the necessary cut in fossil fuels without stopping much of the economy. The cascading effects – loss of jobs, inability to pay mortgages, collapse of banks – follows. Same with food. If we stop fossil fuel use, no food deliveries. I would love some scenarios that  remain plausible after critical thinking.  For example,  All technical solutions require time,  and their manufacturing and deployment would use old technologies amplifying the co2 mess. 

I am for decentralized small garden communities for growing food and people. To get there we will still have to pass though a painful costly bottleneck, with heating, migrations, mafias, wars. But still, let’s keep working toward the best we can plausibly imagine and save as much of the environment for those communities and their people as we can.

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