2072. Work/jobs and climate

Interesting how the conversation about the future divides into the two discussions: future of work and the struggle with climate. I assume the two conversations need to be integrated. The boundary conditions for such an integration start with the fact that cutting fossil fuels to meet the 1.5 (or 2) degrees would require massive stopping current modes of work with terrible disruptive effects – but not quite as disruptive as not cutting fossil fuel use.

So – work and jobs – if we cut fossil fuel use sufficient to stay under 1.5, what jobs are there, remaining and new? What work is to be done? If we can make progress on sketching that, then we can make some solid progress on how it is to be organized, its relation to IT and AI, and what we do with those who are hurt by the transition.

Integrating the climate and the jobs/work conversations would be a serious contribution to the task of managing the planet under real existing conditions.


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