2070. The problem with most climate proposals. lies.

here is the summary of Sanders’ proposal, which is quite similar to others.

Among Sanders’ ideas is sourcing 100% of the country’s electricity from renewable and zero-emissions power. He is calling for committing $2.18 trillion in grants for low- and middle-income families to weatherize and retrofit their homes and businesses, with the goal of reducing residential energy consumption. He would charge the Energy Department with making sure that both new and existing commercial structures, as well as high-income home owners, meet his administration’s energy retrofitting goals.

What is striking, and in common \, is that nothing is said about what people need to do. It’s all at the level of policies and institutions. ogy.

how do you get from the burning of gas and oil to using only renewable sources of energy to produce electricity? People would need to replace their home heating , cooking and hot water by gas. Play impacted her manufacturing of the replaceable electric furnaces would be very high.More than 50% of the US is heated by gas and we’re talking about maybe replacing 80 Million homes with new electrical heaters. The impact of this manufacruring on the environment would be a very high since the manufacturing process is also technology and pollution creating. Half of the food cooked in the whole world is done on open fires. Are going to replace these with electric stoves?

Making existing homes energy efficient requires a tremendous amount of material and that material has to be manufactured, mined, or grown. Then it has to be transported [ from the field to the factory and from the factory to the Distributor and from the distributor to the homes. Seems the idea js that if we get the policies right the people won’t have to do anything.

So much is left out. Is it ignorance, intensionaly dishonest or imagination limited by fear? Who will be the first major public figure to describe it as it is? like this: Much needs to be done and with the best still many people will be badly hurt and all lives disturbed.

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