2069. Heating the planet

Amazon burning ( no not that one, the green one where many people and other species live.)

  1. Either we stop burning fossil fuel – which would basically stop the economy at the cost of many lives, or
  2. we muddle along, in which case many lives lost to heat, lack of food and water, migrating violence.

This is the current human condition. I would rather die  in the midst of extreme effort than to couch potato into  it.

Part of that extreme effort is  to be trying t make real a third possibility.


The available leverage points

  • governance
  • land use
  • religious awakening
  • common sense
  • technology
  • compassion
  • media
  • word of mouth
  • Cooperative work projects.

Democracy,  according to the previous post,  means group assembly, not individual acts of voting.




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