2068. Demos in democracy meant participation in the group, not individual.

This is very important for GardenWorld as the feeling for democracy declines or gets bad press. The original  idea was quite different and may be closer to the possibilities as we enter into the group creating impact of climate change. People will be milling about, looking for whom to align with. We should see the positive in public assembly – it is demos -cracy.

The Dēmos in Dēmokratia

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Dêmokratia is widely glossed ‘rule by the people’ where ‘people’ (dêmos) is defined as ‘entire citizenry’. Yet from Homer to Aeschylus, dêmos indicated not the whole citizenry but a part: those who wielded political power through their participation in a collective agent—in the first instance, an assembly—as opposed to those who enjoyed political influence as individuals. First and foremost, dêmokratia signalled that supreme power had passed to this group, away from the leading men who had previously held sway. The implications for our conceptualization of democracy are profound.

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