2060. Poets now

his is a bit of a rant, apologies.


And we probably won’t make it. But something will happen. How we cope in the bloodied white water of entropy will be important. I think if we stick close to two intents, we will at lest have our dignity.

1. Realize that food and water will be crucial and we need to keep looking, from our back yard or equivalent to the region and planet, on how to feed people and grow people, nurture and civilization.

2. Care for those who are hurting, which is already very many people.

we might need to realize that it won’t be us. We are too old, too set, too out of condition. Realize that we might go through times that really are the end of an empire with collapse that looks like the black plague which took out 50% of the population, or the smallpox which took out 90% of the native american population. Can you imagine?  But this time leaves behind  a trashed  environment not easy to work with.

But the personal way has to be to do the best we can, technical and human.  So be it, but making the effort is the way to personal health. Get through the stages of grief as fast as you can and participate best as you can. Which might mean helping techno-optimism develop, though I have my doubts. The scale is too big. If you look at your own state of mind, the feelings, the intuitions, we are all poets now.

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