post 2052. Cost of conversion to electric

The logic of the math. 80 million households, 50% heated with gas 70% hot water heaters.. Figure low $1000 water heater $2000 electric home heating. $500 stove.These are minimum, no disposal, no installation, no room remodeling. Put it together and moving all the homes actually in the US to electricity might cost 40m households times $5k costs per household  comes out to about 40x to the sixth households times 5x10to the third replacement costs = 20x 10 to the 9th. Very rough and low end. And does not include the cost of the panels! ten panels per household 800m panels.

Then we have the logistics of making the solar panels. Not  the logistics of making one, but of making perhaps ten per household, 80m households…  800m panels!!
Amory Lovins has always been good at the powerful implications of simple math.

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