2040. Options now.

first, there are millions of local experiments and plans that basically blend community and responses for  locally organized wholes. But they do not scale to global solutions, even to regional solutions, and may cause more harm than good at the global level. Local experiments for example often create more green house gases through land clearing, trash burning, etc.

We could expect some of those local efforts to be successful enough to make it through say the 4 degree rise and maybe the world stabilizes at that point with a few surviving communities.

second, can we expect a leviathan like response? If a small number of big governments got together and said “we will do this”.. and be willing to back it by force if governments outside that narrow group don’t agree to cooperate.

But the corporations might resist this. its like in a chess game where one party is clearly loosing, but refuses to give up and start a new game.

Remember the exc who said “Doug, would you rather we keep going as we are for fifteen more years.. and then collapse? Or try to change now, and collapse now”?

Right now there is no action proposed that would make a significant enough difference. We desperately need modeling out proposed actions. My own view that replacing gas with electric heating/cooling appliances is unworkable at such large numbers as would be required.. There are many other problems with proposed solutions, if only they were being worked out.

We have to work simultaneously on food, water, health, migrations and governance.


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