2033. The Democrats have no path.

Democrats and much of the voters are stuck. The old Democratic party of workers evolved since the 60’s to representing the professional middle class represented by the Clinton’s. The problem now is, the Democrats can’t go back, because the labor they lost became the middle class that is now losing out, and those people don’t want to be labor, they want to be middle class and have salaries, not wages.. That group, the vulnerable middle class , is looking for a solution that will give them good salaried employment,  but  the context is climate change and the need to use no carbon fuel. Automation also is in the wings ready to compete for any new jobs.

There is no possibility of a vibrant middle class of consumer style living. The population will need to embrace agriculture to survive. No politician is yet ready to tell this truth. What the people want the Democrats cannot deliver and people in their frustration – in a huge game of musical chairs – are attracted to Trump’s disruptions, which going much further will lead to wars arrests, closings.



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